Metal Pathfinder Dice Set

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Metal Dice Set for Pathfinder RPG

In cooperation with Paizo Inc., Q WORKSHOP is pleased to present a unique set of dice for the Pathfinder RPG series and many more. These are the first such refined, ornamented, three-dimensional on edges metal dice we've designed. This new technology and raw material charmed us. We discovered that dice can be a work of art, and a hard tin is ideal for creating complex carvings and ornaments. These dice are different from the metal sets found on the market that sometimes may be gilded but are still relatively simple, with ordinary numbers and nothing more.

This unique dice set is entirely made of metal and will not scratch easily. The set goes together with a beautiful box finished with red material, available only with this dice set. There is no doubt that this is a premium set crafted from selected materials. This sensational dice set combines high usability (both for players and the master of the game) with superior aesthetics and performance.

Great success

This dice set was initially created using the Kickstarter service, with over 2,300 supporters. They liked the idea of enriching the game of their favorite Pathfinder RPG with metal dice, which are simply beautiful. A throw with these dice is really an extraordinary experience. True Destiny should be like metal because only the metal will resist everything and withstand any trial. This set, though classic and decorated with the Pathfinder logo instead of the highest number, is also suitable for other games where seven dice determine the character's fate and make the game full of ups and downs. Hurry up, because it is only available in our store!

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