Pathfinder Goblin Purple & green Dice Set (7)

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Product description

Pathfinder Goblin Purple & green Dice Set

"The merriest dice ever we have done. Such are our goblin sets, ungrammaticool but beautifool. And all the Goblins sing: Violet violet on the wall, critics and passed test in every throw!”. Paizo Inc. it gave us a chance to be crazy. They gave us a license for a real Goblin set and gave a lot of opportunities to show off. Never before has Pathfinder been given a great set for fans of "greens". In Q WORKSHOP, we had to eat expired toadstools and paint our graphics in green. We like revolutionary technologies, and the dedication of our creative minds is great. This is how the purple dice were created with green, engraved decorations, which no goblin or Joker lover would be ashamed of. They are crazy and they just cannot be adored. Especially against all other "serious" dice with festoons of engravings. These dice are in style of best goblin artists. Made of the best material, clear, ribald and probably brilliant. The latter, of course, is the subjective opinion of small green men with big ears. They have a bit of a right, I will write immodestly.

An answer to some lying gossip

There was an accusation that we were looking at gremlin films, and in our factory, we use bio-additives in the production of dice sets. This is a complete lie, because if we actually threw a few goblins into the ladle with the raw material for the cast, then the dice could not be purple. We get green from the goblins. That is, in the paint, only with the help of a spectrometer, you will find some admixtures of ground bones, but all this to make it stick better and not rub off. Goblins are almost indestructible creatures, they cannot be exterminated. The whole Golarion knows it and tries not to get too close to the very sharp ears monsters. Our Dicemancers get bones legally from liquidated cemeteries, possibly for candies, thanks to which the children's goblins reach the bones of their ancestors from the shelf above the fireplace. We choose only from good homes, where they have at least one whole window and at least half of the roof. We take care of honesty and even if we like to "put something" in the vat, it's only the purpose of improving the quality of our products. We respect our clients and make sure that they receive the best products.

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