Pathfinder Carrion Crown Dice Set

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Pathfinder Carrion Crown Dice Set

We produce dice in many colors, but sometimes you need to find your inner darkness and sink the design department of Q WORKSHOP in the Darkness with a capital "D". That's all to create the dice dedicated to the Paizo Inc. campaign Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown. This, so far, the darkest adventure cycle is something new, because the amount of horror has been set to scare the players. At the same time, they have a wonderful, though bloody, field day with this. So we created black dice from the best material and ornamented them with silver digits and festoons. Everything has been packed into an elegant box in dark colors. Thus, we want to give players a set durable as a vampire mausoleum, werewolves claws and tips resistant and as legible as the obituary in the newspaper. We want the throwing of these dice to be like rolling tombstones, scary but fun. It's set for ghosts, monsters and other undead slayers. We assure you that good throws will help you in this campaign, and our dice will work. Similarly, it will be in other adventures, because as you know, our dice can survive everything, even six sequels of a good horror tale.

Formula for horror

Counseling is always good. So, it's worth showing the example of how to create an entire horror campaign for a role-playing game.

  • We start with the funeral because a horror movie will be crippled without a scene over the coffin, where the team discovers a horrible secret - The Haunting of Harrowstone;
  • Then we need a monster sewn from the parts of the body. There must be a surprise in a plot associated with it through the Trial of the Beast;
  • Good advice: one werewolf is not enough. A forest full of lycanthropes is something else. You do not need to kill them! - Broken Moon;
  • A reference to horror classics is also useful, such as Shub-Niggurath with his cult. It will be perfect after the halfway point - Wake the Watcher;
  • There was a forest full of wolves. It's time for a city full of vampires. They bring the great mood to the grand finale - Ashes of Dawn;
  • The end must be at the castle, big, ruined, dark, and full of ghosts, liches, and monsters. And a crazy wizard and a chance to destroy the world - Shadows of Gallowspire.
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