Pathfinder Hell's Vengeance Dice Set (7)

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Pathfinder Hell's Vengeance Dice Set

Who wants to live as Evil?! It’s time to go out of your comfort zone, where you play the good or eventually grim characters. We know, that deep down in the hearts of many fans of RPG, there is the little devil that wants go out. Nefarious pact of Paizo Inc. and Q WORKSHOP bring you the 100%-official Pathfinder Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path dice. These dice are dedicated for evil heroes, not worthy of this name. In this first campaign, designed specifically for evil characters, you will have the chance to play the most dastardly and despicable villains you can come up with. Wickedness is not only approved, but it's also strongly encouraged! Our set, made from the best material, is black as Sin and is ornamented with infernal orange paintings of devils cages. In addition, on the highest faces, there are pentagrams. These are the real Adversary's Dice. Each of these 7 diabolical dice bears sigils suggestive of dark deeds and immortal evils. Roll the dice and give your foes reason to fear! Remember that, the real evil strategies will require more subtlety to succeed, raw strange and cruelty is not enough. Shrewdly manipulating the enemies will be better.

Life (and probably death) of champions of Evil

This is what you can do with this dice if you will unite with other players and start to flood the Golarion with Hell’s Vengeance. The chronology of sins can be as follows:

  • Firstly, the Heroes of Damnation must deal with rebellion in the sleepy little town of Longacre, where good peoples live, but many must die! - The Hellfire Compact;
  • Then, they need to poison water, kill loyalist and preside over the execution of rebellions leaders – Wrath of Thrune;
  • If you are evil, you should be prepared for betrayal from time to time. Don’t trust the devil, be stronger than him! – The Inferno Gate;
  • There will be an award and splendor for nefarious acts, but with a price of the soul – For Queen and Empire;
  • Somethings the things like slingshot stone look small, but their devastating power will bring doom for nasty paladins – Scourge of the Godclaw;
  • The biggest challenge is turning the tides of war and win, even if your capital is under siege and all looks like the End Times – Hell comes to Westcrown.
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