Lifetime Guarantee

We made all Q WORKSHOP dice so they last through a reasonable lifetime, which is why we provide a dice guarantee at no additional cost. That means Q WORKSHOP will review all product complaints and assess them individually based on their usage - all we need is a photo.
Be advised that we don't create precision dice; hence we don't find the balance issue valid for a complaint.

If we find a genuine fault or defect in your dice that shouldn't appear during regular use, we'll replace it for you for free – no questions asked. Shipment will be on us, delivery even to the end of the world. But if that 10-year-old dice of yours has seen more adventures than most comic heroes, it might be high time to buy a new one! Sometimes it's also a matter of us not producing that exact design anymore. Despite this, we'll review each case and let you know if we can replace it.

  • SCLE07 Q Workshop

    Thanks to our new technology, we can produce new classic RPG dice for beginners and veterans alike at the price point for every gamer. Crafted with a simple but beautiful elven font. Dice is readable as never before.

  • BDRA201 Q Workshop

    We have a variety of bags, prepared especially for your dice. Whether you are a fan of zombies, elves or battle games, we have something for you!

  • SSTE02 Q Workshop

    These cubes are a part of a mad scientist machinery, that was supposed to influence the time fate of those, who use it. Unfortunately for the scientist, the matter of the machine warped in the process, leaving behind only those cubes with the machine carved in them. The machine still works in the dice altering the fate of those who use it.

  • SVIK01 Q Workshop

    Shield Maidens and Einherjars, will you take this Viking Dice Set and journey in roleplaying games to the frozen riches of the world to kill the snow dragon and loot its treasure, or make the same in other rich places around the world? All in the name of the Allfather Odin!

  • SKIN04 Q Workshop

    Kingsburg Dice & Tokens set Red

  • SCTH07 Q Workshop

    Imagine yourself swimming in a deep ocean at night. The sea is cold and strangely calm... Suddenly, you see inhuman shapes moving toward you! Sensing danger, you swim in panic, trying to get away from them. Just when you think that those unspeakable sea horrors got you... you wake up. A set of black-green dice lies at your table - and you are sure they weren't there when you fell asleep...

  • SL5R02 Q Workshop

    Legend of the Five Rings Imperial Families 10D10 Dice (10)

  • SPWA30 Q Workshop

    Warmachine Mercenaries Faction D6 Dice (6)