Pathfinder Strange Aeons Dice Set

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Pathfinder Strange Aeons Dice Set

Q WORKSHOP gives his clients seven amulets in the form of dice. This set is dedicated to Pathfinder RPG Adventure Path Strange Aeons. This six-chapter-long campaign is a tribute to the works of Lovecraft and his universe of Cthulhu Mythos. Dice are made of high-quality green plastic with sick yellow background and very distinctive engravings: ciphers, signs of awe for blasphemous Old Ones, and tangled tentacles. We must admit that this new twisted look has its charms, so we humbly offer them to gamers for evaluation. Maybe the Sign of King in Yellow will help them better immerse in the world of wonderful insanity during successful adventures.

Beautiful dice for Strange Aeons

Our dice are dedicated to all breath- and sanity-taking Pathfinder Adventure Path Strange Eons chapters. This set helps you and your characters defeat madness and find a way out when your heroes without memory will try to solve mysteries of Briarstone Asylum In Search of Sanity (chapter 1) and find an answer to many secrets in small town The Thrushmoore Terror (chapter 2). Then they must be tough and resolved to defeat the nightmares of Dreams of Yellow King (chapter 3). When they recover memory in The Whispers out of Time (chapter 4), they can journey to Neruzavin with many monsters lurking in shadows in What Grows Within (chapter 5). The last chapter Black Stars Beacon, will be the final struggle with destiny and the chance to save the world in good old Carcossa. So it's time to roll our great dice and play. Madness doesn't wait, like Hastur, Hastur, Hastur...

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