Forest Dice Set: Savannah

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Forest Dice Set: Savannah

Are you into a leaves and vines vibe? Do you enjoy playing nature-related characters? Sophisticated engravings on the dice strike your fancy? The Forest Dice Set has it all like it's made especially for you! It's one of the most intricate Q WORKSHOP designs; the engravings on the dice are convex instead of concave, giving them a three-dimensional effect. They are a true marvel, shining bright in every collection.

Digits are in a swirly font emerging from the leaf motif, resembling plant vines. It perfectly aligns with the black and beige color variation, giving these dice a mysterious and wild spirit of vast plains in warm and dry countries. Savannah is a kingdom of grasses and shrubs; still, the colors of its landscape are so peculiar that they inspired this variant of the Forest Dice Set. Heroes can only count on themselves and their knowledge of wilderness on the savannah. And these very dice in your hand, of course...

Favored terrain: grassland

The Forest Dice Set - Savannah presents a design of truly sophistically carved leaves and vines surrounding digits written in a delicate, swirling font. It resembles mysterious shapes hidden among the bushes.
Whether you're venturing through the freezing north, strolling through woodland hills, or cutting your way through the thick jungle - don't fret! This dice set will lend you the true power of nature in your time of need!

  • The wonders of nature — beloved design of intricate leaves and branches surrounding the vine-like digits.
  • Floral abundance — This set contains 7 pieces: a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100 (%).
  • Life unbending — Dice have a black background with beige reliefs.
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