Pathfinder War for the Crown Dice Set

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Pathfinder War for the Crown Dice

It’s no longer a secret that the legendary Q sometimes works for Q WORKSHOP, and he makes gadgets not only for spies. Q has designed this set full of polyhedral dice made of high-quality plastic in royal blue. They are adorned with golden lions and sophisticated carvings. They are elegant and outstanding, like everything Q has ever invented.

Licensed by Paizo, this set of the Pathfinder War for the Crown Dice was created to change the history of the once-prominent kingdom of Talador. The entire Pathfinder Adventure Path: War for the Crown provides a chance to change the face of Golarion itself. There will also be new national heroes. Perhaps they will be secret agents of the rightful heir of Talador, the loyal servants of His or Her Majesty, or the agents of change? Many hard choices await them. They will face struggles, treachery, and unique enemies. But the one who follows the path of real heroes will find fun, adventure, romance, and monsters, all shades of the Golarion.

The Path of Secret Agent

The first step on this path will be in Crownfall, where the sky will fall, the king will die, and all this during a delightful party. Then our heroes will face the Songbird, Scion, and Saboteur, and all will have the perfect view of the mass murder of the first row of Taladore Nobles. Then The Twilight Child will light the fire of war on Her Majesty's secret service. Shortly thereafter, everyone will meet the men with Lion's Blades, and death will take its toll in City in the Lion's Eye. The golden fingers of The Reaper's Right Hand will be the sign of the penultimate chapter and the beginning of the end. In the grand finale, The Six-Legend Soul will announce that the Empire is not enough, so live and let die, old Talador! Long live the new heroes and new advisers!

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