Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Dice Set

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Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Dice Set

The dice for Pathfinder Adventure Path: Wrath of Righteous, produced by Q WORKSHOP and licensed by Paizo Inc., exemplify an excellent challenge for our designers. The plot of Wrath of Righteous is the epic war against demons led by the last righteous. No compromise, no saving on monsters—just a giant Ultimate Battle, To Save the World. The Game Master will use the worst monsters of the bestiary.

Our dice, made of the best material, had to acquire a demonic character. We chose classic black as the primary color and deeply engraved ornaments decorated with blood-red paint. The digits on the polyhedral, fine "shields" are very readable and won't be wiped out due to use. This is our most "sinister" set of dice, and we must admit that it stands out from the other Pathfinder sets. They are real tools to fight on the path of adventure.

We recommend these dice to all bloodthirsty epic climates and clashes with demons. They will work. We wish successful monsters hunt for all Crusaders of Light!

Six steps of the epic ladder

Our dice are great to help you play, but it is up to your character if they can become commemorated in the myths of Golarion. Roll the dice and see what you need to survive to complete the task:
The earth must shake and divide like the sea, but our heroes can't be afraid! - The Worldwound Incursion;
They should find a symbol, something that will unite people under their command so that they would have an army to fight demons—Sword of Valor;

- They can't surrender to anyone, even the mighty Templars, or traitors, or great worms, or golden-tongued succubi—Demon's Heresy;
- Even if the path led the team to the Abyss, you could not stray from it because then the world would be doomed—The Midnight Isles;
- Each labyrinth has a way out, and in each one, you can find a place where a man becomes a demon, or demons come out of him—Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth;
- Sometimes the seal on the wound of the world must be sealed with the hero's blood or with his life. This is the fate of the heroes—the City of Locusts.

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