Pathfinder Hell's Rebels Dice Set

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Pathfinder Hell's Rebels Dice Set

Mutineer's dice – these two words best describe our product. This set is dedicated to Paizo's Inc. Pathfinder Adventure Path Hell's Rebels, and for Q WORKSHOP, it is the opportunity to make the first-time dice for the strictly unblemished heroes. You will play the Good Guy, the "White hat" protagonist, that never surrenders, give up, and fight for freedom.

We made noble blue dice with white paintings in deeply-carved ornaments that, like pure soul, can survive everything. On the highest face, we engraved the Silver Raven, the sigil of the secret do-gooder's organization from the evil city of Kintargo. There are more small, smaller, and tiny ravens on this dice because true revolutions need symbols. Each of these 7 revolutionary dice bears designs suggestive of noble inspirations and true liberty!

The Glorious Times of the Rebellion

There was a rebellion in the city of Kintargo. Brave men and women have fight not only with the evil government but with one of the real Devil himself. The story begins with:

- ...the first peaceful protest, that was only the omen of impending war and time when ancient Silver Ravens will be gathered again – In Hell's Bright Shadow;
- Then the Silver Ravens were reborn, but it was the only first step on the rebellious path. Even the dark magic doesn't stop the turn of tides – Turn of the Torrent;
- The Evil doesn't sleep but has organized the Grand Ball – The Ruby Masquerade with Death and the heartless people – Dance of the Damned;
- After the Ball, music doesn't stop, and all Kintargo sounded with the silver tunes and melody of the swords covered in blood – The Song of Silver;
- The Orchestra was still playing, and the players still were fighting, but legal issues suddenly could give us a small victory – The Kintargo Contract;
- The Grand Finale was played in, where heroes must kill Evil once more, with feeling and determination – Breaking the Bones of Hell.

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