Pathfinder Reign of Winter Dice Set

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Pathfinder Reign of Winter Dice Set

With each new project, we learn new things and improve our skills in producing the most beautiful sets found on the market. Q WORKSHOP's and Paizo's Inc. set for Pathfinder Adventure Path: Reign of Winter is a great example.

Made of excellent material, these white dice with blue, deeply engraved numerals and decorations are unique. The blue engravings resemble cracks in the glacier, illuminated by the winter light. In addition, the deeply carved borders of the triangle and the symbols of Golarion's winter magic on the highest face fit perfectly into the Pathfinder campaign. They will serve in every adventure in the winter climates.

We have also tried to balance aesthetics and usability so that our dice are legible and, simultaneously, "with something extra." We do not design clichés. In addition, the campaign includes Baba Yaga. We do not want to mess with the legendary witch because we know her in Poland from childhood stories. So what? Roll the dice and strike against the upcoming cold!

In search of summer

The Reign of Winter campaign is also a search for a summer that does not want to return to Golarion. The search will lead to many far-flung places and plans lost in the cold. Our dice are there to support your game because our dice always help, if only because they fit into the adventure like no other. Here's your hero will get a chance to see along the way:

- The Eternal Winter, which does not want to leave, and even plans to spread around the world—Snows of Summer;
- A place where even huts get their feet and do not want to stand deep in the snow—The Shackled Hut;
- Three huge monumental figures that don't stand there just for show—Maiden, Mother, Crone;
- Not Golarion at all, maybe even another planet—The Frozen Stars;
- Russia 1918! Yes, precisely on our Earth. The Mad Monk will be there as well—Rasputin Must Die!
- Deeply hidden cellars of the chicken-legged hut. All to save the world from the new Snow Queen—The Witch Queen's Revenge.

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