Pathfinder Tyrant's Grasp Dice Set

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Tyrant's Grasp

This is the last dice set for Adventure Path in this edition of Pathfinder RPG. Q WORKSHOP has made dice for Tyrant's Grasp - the final act in this season of Golarion's history. The heroes have to win the ultimate prize – Life itself.

We choose our most disturbing ghostly green as the main theme of this set. The paint is black because it's the campaign where the heroes must deal with death experiences and all that is connected with one of the grimmest monsters in the whole universe, with lich wizard — Tar-Baphon. We engraved on dice the symbols of Whispering Tyrant. His seal with a skull in the crown is sculpted on the highest faces of the dice. This set is the ultimate tool to defeat the lich in his grave fortress.

Defeating the Death 101

The journey in this campaign will start at station Tragic Death; the destination is Victory and Rebirth. The nodal points will be:

- The Dead Roads – the first death on the long trail of dying in a noble cause, but remember, it will not be final!
- Eulogy for Roslar’s Coffer – When the duty calls and death is roaming in the home village, the heroes of Boneyard must act!
- Last Watch – A capital full of zombies and ungrateful people is better than a sleepy hollow full of walking corpses and nice simpletons.
- Gardens of Gallowspire – Unfaithful allies and bloodthirsty paladins acting like madmen! Do you need more?
- Borne by the Sun’s Grace – To bury the lich, you need more than a shovel; you need the lost artifact that can put him deep down!
- Midwives to Death – Very Loud Whispering Tyrant Returns! – this will be a great disaster movie with a budget of billions.

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