Pathfinder Iron Gods Dice Set

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Pathfinder Iron Gods Dice Set

Before Starfinder appeared, Paizo Inc. released a great campaign about the fight against aliens. Golarion was threatened by the "iron gods," and the team of heroes had to deal with them. Not only was the opponent out of this land, but also the heroes got the chance to use cosmic technology, state-of-the-art weapons, and cybernetic implants.

Designing a set of dice dedicated to Pathfinder Adventure Path Iron Gods was difficult, but Q WORKSHOP accomplished the task. We have some experience in creating futuristic dice. Black dice with blue decorations are a perfect set for campaigns full of mash-ups. The deeply engraved digits refer in their shape to the technology of alien races, and on the highest walls of the dice, you can see the symbol of the cosmic portal. However, we aren't implying that these are just dice for SF games because our designers have tried to fit all games. We always try to strike a balance, and we try to make dice as universal as possible.

Mash-Up RPG

Making a good mix of science fiction and fantasy is complicated. It requires moderation and the ability to combine seemingly incompatible climates. Our dice are a tangible example, where it depends on the user if they seem to be more technological or esoteric (you know: the portals to other dimensions, etc.). The Iron Gods campaign is an example of a story where many motifs have been combined, yielding a unique alloy of what is magical and technical. Here's what deserves special recognition:

Lady Android from Fires of Creation, which is as much dangerous as beauty;
An evil army of rusty undead from the borderline of spells and mechanics – Lords of Rust;
Mechanical priests whose spells are true – The Choking Tower;
Actual aliens stealing minds, especially those capable of understanding magic – Valley of the Brain Collectors;
Artificial myrmidons – real 100% barbarians, they even look proper – Palace of Fallen Stars;
God-Robot from the ship Divinity and his desire for monotheism – The Divinity Drive.

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