Valentines Day There are 4 products.

Valentines Day There are 4 products.

There are 4 products.
  • WAVAL01 Q Workshop

    Shows your feelings… for dice, too! This box merges quality and practicality with immense sentiment. Inspired by the holiday which celebrates love, it's hand-finished with a unique character. Crafted from a red padouk wood, guards your dice with magnetic closures and cork lining. Due to the usage of raw materials, final products may slightly vary.

  • SVAL01 Q Workshop

    Love in Dice! We present the Valentine's Day Dice Set, created especially for the holiday of love! The cubes are full of flowers and hearts, and on the highest faces are images of Cupid, a patron of lovers. The set includes 8 traditional dice: 7 of them have shimmering-red material and white engravings, while the additional D6 is shimmering-white with red decoration.

  • Q Workshop

    The set includes:

    Padouk Valentine’s Day Dice Box

    Valentine’s Day Dice Set

  • BVAL101 Q Workshop
    USD 15.00