Unique, personalized dice
with an intricate, engraved design
for you or your company!

Q WORKSHOP has been the first company to offer customization of dice to a wider group of customers. We can manufacture mass quantity of dice as well as small batches.

Here's what we offer:

- dice for your game

- rewards for your crowdfunding project

- marketing gadgets for your company

- wedding favors

- unique, personalized dice for your own purpose

Our dice are engraved and then the engravings are filled with paint. It allows us to ensure the durability of the paint and high quality of the product.

order process

What we need to prepare a detailed offer for you:


All the available types and sizes of dice are in the chart below.


If you don't know it exactly, please give us an estimation. We need to know the approximate quantity as there is a huge

difference in pricing between 50 and, for example, 5000 pieces.


There are different colors available for dice, depending on the quantity of identical pieces in the order.

Below, you can choose if you'd like to see colors available for less than 300 identical dice or for 300 or more.

The engravings' colors are the same for both.

Using our COLOR SCHEMES CREATOR you can visualize dice in hundreds

of different color combinations!

Take a look below and have some fun!

Select quantity

There is a different group of available dice colors depending on the quantity of identical dice in the order.

Dice color

S04 W13 W15 W16 W19 W42 W11 W06 W07 W08 W02 W05 S01 S02 S03 W41 S05 S06 S07 S08 S09 S10 W10 W25 W44 W45 Z06 S11 S13 W34 Z13 Z12 Z11 Z10 Z09 Z08 Z07 Z05 Z04 Z02 Z03 W01 W36 W35 Z01 W33 W31 W30 W29 W27 W28 W43 W38 W23 W21 W20 W12 W53 W48 W49 W50 W51 W52 S14 S15 S17 S16 S18 S19 S20 S22 S24 S26 S27 S28 S29 S30

Engravings color

M21 M08 M10 M19 M25 M26 M32 M28 M04 M33 M24 M20 M29 M07 M22 M13 M12 M03 M18 M15 M31 M39 M16 M23 M09 M05 M02 M40 M40 M06 M06 M02 M08 M10 M19 M25 M26 M32 M28 M04 M33 M24 M20 M07 M22 M05 M09 M23 M16 M39 M31 M18 M03 M12 M13 M21 M29 M15 M41 M41 M34 M34 M35 M35 M36 M36 M37 M37 M38 M38 M42 M42 M43 M43 M44 M44 M46 M46 M47 M47 M48 M48

If you're not ready to talk about the order yet but you like a certain color scheme, you can save the visualization of it

for later - just click the "Download" button below the creator.

Please bear in mind that color schemes presented on the visualizations are illustrative only. Colors of renders and pictures that you watch on your screen may depend on your screen quality, personal settings of your device and other factors. Colors of final, physical product may differ a little from what you see on the screen.

CUSTOM DICE WITH LASER ENGRAVED LAMINATES - email us for more information


- Adjusting your graphic design to our manufacturing requirements is free of charge (vector file preferred).

- Simple designs (numbers, signs, simple symbols) based on a picture, sketch or description provided can be made

free of charge.

- Preparing a complicated design from scratch will be subject to additional fee.

- Please note that for legal reasons we cannot make any dice that include a graphic motive used in any game that

you are neither the author, producer, nor editor of, i.e. you do not own the copyright.

5. TIME FRAME (if any)

If you have any kind of deadline or a specific date when you need to receive the dice, please let us know.

The manufacturing time frame for every custom dice order depends on our current manufacturing schedule,

production technique that we use and quantity of dice in the order. 

Please contact us with the specifics of your order to know more details.

We start counting production time once the final design is accepted and we have the payment confirmed.


We need  to know where you're from in order to estimate the shipping costs.

Other costs, such as custom fees, may apply as well.


We use USD, EUR, GBP and PLN. You can choose which of these four currencies you wish to use.


The pricing includes:

- full customization (all faces)

- adjusting your design to the production requirements

- preparing a graphic visualization of the dice (3D render)

- manufacturing

- painting in one color

- finishing touch

- quality control

Each design is priced separately. If you want to order 200 dice, out of which 100 are different in design or color

combination than the other 100, we will present you the pricing for 2 x 100 dice not for 200. Please always inform us

how many different designs and how many different color schemes does the project involve.

The pricing does not include the shipping cost. We calculate it separately depending on the order. We use economic

courier service, we ship from Poland - European Union.


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