Pathfinder Jade Regent Dice Set

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Pathfinder Jade Regent Dice Set

Years of production and polishing of the story made the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Jade Regent one of the best campaigns for the Pathfinder RPG. Such are the dice designed by Q WORKSHOP under the Paizo Inc. license - refined in every way and reflecting the spirit of Marco Polo's incredible journey.

Therefore we chose green jade as the primary color of our set, and deeply engraved digits and decorations referring to the most beautiful symbolism of the East were painted in tan. That's how we managed to get the dice that seemed to come from a very far land, from some exotic country full of adventures and magnificence. They will also be helpful in any campaign in the Orient, where honor is more important than life.

Journey to the Far East of the Golarion

Below we present the snippets of a particular traveler who survived only thanks to the jade dice and assurance that it was the most incredible adventure of his life.

- When you read these words, I'll be already far away [...] We set out with a caravan to Brinewall, where we discovered something that made us take an even bolder trip [...] - The Brinewall Legacy;
- In the footsteps of the ancestors of our Damsel in Distress, we decided to find this ice land [...] - Night of the Frozen Shadows;
- Freezing spirits were not all that lurked on us [...] - The Hungry Storms;
- It was a time when only a cunning fox could save us. That's what happened, and we managed! It will be the long story [...] - Forest of Spirits;
- Five Storms were like five nemeses, but we managed, and Jade Regent had to [...] - Tide of Honor;
- We took the gods' judgment, and here's what happened [...] - The Empty Throne.

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