Pathfinder Ruins of Azlant Dice Set

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Pathfinder Ruins of Azlant Dice Set

Working on a collaborative project like Pathfinder Adventure Path, Ruins of Azlant always is a fantastic experience. Paizo Inc. gave players great, daring adventures, and we have designed the gorgeous dice set dedicated to this campaign. This set will be a great help if you want to launch your hero into the lost continent of Azlant. This shattered land, with plenty of islands flooded by many exotic monsters, awaits your team. During adventures, you will have the opportunity to uncover some of the secrets of the forgotten empire destroyed by the elves of the Mordant Spire.

If you like journeys spiced by remnants of the steampunk civilization and the forgotten enemies of mankind, this is the path and dice set for you. This is one of our best products from the best material. The beautiful, complex engravings and azure/yellow color scheme make them even more eye-catching. The compasses on the highest faces will guide you through all obstacles and wilderness. Take part in an incredible story of monsters, magic, and artifacts. Use this Pathfinder RPG dice set and enhance your gaming experience.

Set Sail and Welcome New World!

The Bountiful Venture Company promises for their new employers and explorers of the ruined Azlant:

- We always find our colonists. We care! - The Lost Outpost;
- Our search parties are devoted to your protection. We can save you even from faceless danger! - Into the Shattered Continent;
- We can give you a chance to see the wonders of foreign mankind and non-mankind material culture and experience foreign customs – The Flooded Cathedral;
- Swimming, deep diving, and meeting the friendly merfolk are within your grasp. Hear the siren's songs, even if this will be your last music experience before death – City in the Deep;
- We support local cultural events, and collecting local antiquities is our passion. Do you want to see something so peculiar like the drowned lich phylactery? - Tower of the Drowned Dead;
- We can organize a visit to the nearby military base. Caution: There can be assassins and other not-so-friendly inhabitants! - Beyond the Veiled Past.

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