Metal Svetovid Dice Set (7)

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Metal Svetovid Dice Set.

It is a great pleasure for us in Q WORKSHOP, to present the unique Metal Svetovid Dice Set. The patron of this set full of polyhedral metal dice, made of best tin, is mythic Slavic god Svetovid himself. His four faces see everything and we wish all game masters to have so many voices to tell thrilling stories and eyes to see all worlds of games. Let it be clear, we don’t wish you to be a mutant, but to have the gift of Slavic Worldseer, who can be a really good patron of all GMs. He was a deity of warfare, horsemanship, welfare and divination. He was “the one who sees the world”, the God who knew everything and with four faces had an eye on all directions. A good Game Master is the same “little deity” in his game universe, he knows everything, he is the keeper of secrets, world-storyteller and his judgment is nearly always final. It is him who rules the game, brings death, gold and war. That’s what we had on mind when we designed these luxury dice for professional gamers.

It is not without significance that we are from Poland and this is our deity, from the long-forgotten time of blasphemy and infidelity when everybody on our land were nasty heathens and great warriors. We are quite proud of our ancestors that like the scourge of God, have trampled and destroyed many of the Charlemagne armies when they came to our neighbourhood. We know, It was not very polite, to defeat them when they came with Word of God and the holy sword of Imperial Might. As an apology for this “inconvenience”, we want to share you with our, let's name it, “ancestral dice set”. Behold it and use it for all your game tasks!

Divine Dice Set!

This is standard metal set with seven polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d00) if metal dice can be a standard game tool. The dice are made not from casual material but from the best “heavy metal”, like armours and weapon of brave Slavic Tribes. This set is silver - grey with black painting in complexly carved engravings. We decorated these master crafted dice with engraved stylized Slavic backgrounds behind numbers (with the motive of cereal ears for your welfare) and covered with small reliefs of Svetovid himself on the edges and warriors helmets in the corners. If you are looking for dice for real warriors, this is the best choice.`

Everything in this set is the best of what we can do in dice sets making: best metal, master crafted design with a hint of genius, elegant box, ideal for gifts. We hope that Svatovid would be proud of us. This set is Divine, not only Wonderful. Every throw of these beautiful dice will summon the unstoppable powers! Every throw can make your characters the greatest heros of myths. It’s not important where or in which universe, the Tales about Heroes are immortal, as our metal dice. These dice are after all universal and usable in all roleplaying and tabletop games.

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