RPG Icons Dice Set: Seth Skorkowsky

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RPG Icons Dice Set: Seth Skorkowsky

Hello, Internet! I’m Seth Skorkowsky, novelist, content creator, and a huge fan of tabletop RPGs. I’ve enjoyed an array of games ranging from heroic fantasy, modern-day, cyberpunk, and space opera. But I always return to investigation and horror.

It is an honor to be chosen as Q-Workshop’s newest RPG Icon. Together we have designed a set of dice, based on my own tastes – and with the artistry and quality that Q-Workshop is famous for. This project is here to change your games forever.

This set contains 10 dice.

First, there are the standard 7 polyhedrons that gamers have known for decades. The engravings on them emulates occult symbols and magical designs. Each face is slightly different, in a way for you to discover by yourself, adding an air of mystery as the designs shift with each digit.

Second, the set contains two additional D100s in inverted colors. They should be useful for bonus and penalty checks in percentile-based games, or in games that require more than two 10-sided dice. The reason for the color change is to help the user distinguish at a glance which two dice they need for a percentile roll, and not accidentally roll two D100s when they intended to roll a D10 and a D100 (a mistake I have made many times).

Third, and maybe the most amazing: the tenth dice is something special. It’s a 12-sided D6! It rolls much better than the cubic-shaped standard D6. To help differentiate it from a normal D12, the faces are denoted with pips instead of numbers. I’ve used 12-sided D6 for years and love them, and I hope you will too!
Their black and beige (sepia, if you so desire) color theme is a dignified nod to my imaginary co-host Jack the NPC, but that’s not all! Thanks to this combination, the dice are contrasted enough to be perfectly legible - and immersive at the same time, bringing to mind old manuscripts we all love to decipher in your games.

Investigate, discover, play!

Investigation is a centerpiece for many RPG sessions. The sense of mystery, finding clues, and unfolding secrets are at the core of many satisfactory sessions! Nothing gives the atmosphere of uncertainty better than noir settings – and RPG Icons Dice Set: Seth Skorkowsky fits them perfectly. The design of intricate patterns mixed with the sepia-like color theme helps to bring the immersion to a much greater level!

  • Iconic persona — This dice set is dedicated to Seth Skorkowsky, an RPG Icon with impressive achievements on his resume, including a 2019 Gold ENNIE for Best Online Content!
  • Iconic contents — This set consists of 10 dice overall: 7 classic polyhedrons, 2 bonus D100s, and a 12-sided D6.
  • Iconic feature — Every face of the 7 classic dice is modified, making them slightly different from each other.
  • Iconic variations — A special 12-sided D6 is denoted with pips instead of digits, giving this dice a particularly vintage tone.
  • Iconic colors — The classic 7 dice, and the 12-sided D6, are colored beige & black, while the 2 bonus D100s are of black & beige color theme.
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