Dwarven Black & red Dice Set

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Dwarven Black & Red Dice Set

Dwarves are usually associated with undersized, bearded folk who love gold, beer, and juggling hammers. They originally come from the Viking sagas. Thanks to the gods' will, they were created from the tiny bones of the dead giant - Ymir, while the rest of his skeleton became the building material of the world known to us. They are brothers of the mountains and are really born of the earth's bones.

Our dice are created similarly. We grind the best Nordic giant's bones in stock and then melt them to make a resource worthy of dwarves' craftsmanship.

Dwarves are known as the best blacksmiths and jewelers. They also deal with the magic of items. From their workshops come the greatest treasures and the best arsenal in the world of the North. We decided on an extensive engraving, where the numbers and symbols of weapons are more strongly marked, and the delicate "maze" of the lines creates a background. That's how we got dice worthy of Dvergar and their creations.

Dwarven items from the sagas

Each color combo of our dice is a tribute to one of the works of dwarves from the Sagas. We want your characters, like Odin, Freya, Thor, and others, to have adventures worthy of skaldic songs. All Nordic gods and heroes used the objects forged for them by dwarves. It was the dwarves' wonders that helped them accomplish their heroic deeds and let them get out of even the most significant trouble. They were their treasures; without them, it would have been much more challenging. Our dice have the same goal: to help defeat enemies, bring success, and cherish the heart.

Dwarven Black & Red Dice Set: This is another set of Thor, in reversed colors, black with red decoration. It is similar to Járnglófar, Thor's Iron Gloves, which are necessary to wield Mjöllnir Hammer. They give strength to your arms to defeat all your enemies. With these dice, your rolls will be high and successful because the force imbued in these dice doubled your might, like the dwarven gauntlets, enhanced Thor's grasp and allowed him to squeeze blood from a stone.

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