Pathfinder Dice Set: Azlant

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Pathfinder Dice Set: Azlant

Q WORKSHOP and Paizo proudly present an official 7-piece dice set, simple and elegant as the remastered Pathfinder Second Edition game. Not bound by a specific campaign, they can fit any game you want! The dice background is gold as the treasures of the lost continent of Azlant, and the legible digits are painted black as the depths they’re in. The Pathfinder logo adorns the highest faces.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents a new official Pathfinder Dice Set: Azlant.

  • This set contains 7 dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, and D20.

  • The dice background is mixed-gold, and the digits are painted black.

  • The engravings on the dice present legible digits and fragments of the world compass symbol, while the iconic “P” symbol adorns the highest faces.

  • The Pathfinder Dice Set: Azlant is officially licensed by Paizo, produced in Poland, EU.

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