Pathfinder Playtest Dice set

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Pathfinder Playtest Dice Set

The tests should begin immediately! There's no use in waiting! These Q WORKSHOP's dice are keys to your doorway to the evolving world of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game from Paizo Inc. It's time to shake the Pathfinder system's foundations and upgrade to the new, second age of this bestseller game. The Pathfinder Playtest is on the market, and there is the best moment to give your opinion.

We designed a set of dice that corresponded with the beautiful layout of the newest core book. The primary color is sand beige as papyrus, and the fulfillment of engravings is dark green paint as old ink from the giant octopus. This combination is very user-friendly because this ought to be the testing tool. This is our first playtest set, and we do our best to design the digits you see from afar and even in candlelight.

Guided Playtest Experience with Golem

On the highest face of our dice set, you can see the golem Paizo Golem. This is the first complete set of official Pathfinder Dice with this symbol. After 10 years of development, Pathfinder gets Second Edition.

Did you know that this golem is "Pi" undercover? This is the first of many secrets you can uncover when you play the playtest adventure Doomsday Dawn, and learn why the newest edition is more understandable, needs less math and gives you more time to play. You didn't need to read books for the first edition too. The core is Pathfinder Playtest, free adventure, and our dice.

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