Galactic Black & blue Dice Set

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Galactic Black & Blue Dice Set

You should know: Q WORKSHOP collaborates with many mad scientists. One has a time machine that can see the future and the past. After hundreds of years when mankind has been extinct from Earth, we found this dark set of dice hidden in the ventilation duct on the deck of the abandoned space station near the place where the Moon used to be. We have made a print screen of these future dice and given it to our designers. They designed black Galactic Dice Sets that are durable like space dreadnought, and the blue paint didn't wear off even during space flight.

The Galactic Good Dice

What do you expect from dice? These small polyhedrons should bring luck, but not in all situations because loaded, high rolling dice are boring in the long run. The dice should be just and bring excitation in right moments. Sometimes they should bounce like Arkanoid balls but never in stressful situations. For example, your team is flying through real asteroid field with all these space rocks that have been changed in the even more deadly trash. What do you need? Lucky Rolls for navigation, but not all these rolls should be successful. You want to lose all that fun with all these near-death experiences when cosmic Peebles make holes in your hull? Using our black Galactic Dice with blue paint for surviving these stone rains in the void will be the best choice. Yeah, our dice are not always successful but think that boring life is for losers. Winners make their victories with obstacles because to be the hero is to jump through hoops. Our Galactic Dice Sets are the best in creating an atmosphere like in the movies even these about a noble scoundrel and his dear friend, brown furry cosmic sasquatch. 

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