Pathfinder Dice Set: Avistan

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Pathfinder Dice Set: Avistan

Q WORKSHOP and Paizo present an official 7-piece dice set, simple and elegant as the remastered Pathfinder Second Edition game. Not bound by a specific campaign, they can be used in many games across Golarion, like in its heavily-settled continent of Avistan! The dice background is shimmering-red, and the legible digits are painted gold. The highest faces are adorned with the Pathfinder logo.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents a new official Pathfinder Dice Set: Avistan.

  • This set contains 7 dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, and D20.

  • The dice background is shimmering-red infused with glitter dust, and the digits are painted gold.

  • The engravings on the dice present legible digits and fragments of the world compass symbol, while the iconic “P” symbol adorns the highest faces.

  • The Pathfinder Dice Set: Avistan is officially licensed by Paizo, produced in Poland, EU.

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