Australian Wildlife Dice Set: Nightlife

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Product specification

Material Plastic
Dice quantity 7
Dice color Black
Painting color Yellow

Product description

Australian Wildlife Dice Set: Nightlife

In September 2019, Australia fell victim to raging bushfires. Before the flames were extinguished in March of the following year, the destruction hit every province, burning not only trees and shrubs but also infrastructure. The relentless fires have been proclaimed the most devastating in Australian history, causing enormous damage to the natural environment, almost completely incinerating vast swaths of rainforests.

In early 2020, there was a global fundraising effort to reforest areas devastated by wildfires in Australia. As Q Workshop, we decided to support this noble cause as best we could - we created special dice gathered in 300 sets that everyone could buy at one of the three price ranges. All income from the sale of these sets was donated to the One Tree Planted organization, which supervises the reforestation process.

The action was immediate, and the sets of dice we created then are meant to remain unique. That's why, in response to many fan requests, we're refreshing this pattern with a new color theme - allowing fans to get hold of such amazing dice, but without compromising the uniqueness of the original sets. By purchasing this kit, you are still supporting Australia's reforestation and the creation of new animal homes: we donate $1 to the One Tree Planted from each set!

Australian Wildlife Dice Set - Nightlife is dedicated to creatures with fur and feathers, living low and high, running, swimming, jumping, flying, and climbing - each lives in Australia, and each has suffered a lot from fires destroying their natural habitat. That's why every dice in our set has an image of a specific animal: an emu on D4, a koala on D6, a penguin on D8, a cockatoo on D10, a platypus on D00, a sugar glider on D12, and a kangaroo on D20.

You scratch their backs - they’ll scratch yours!

The Australian Wildlife Dice Set - Nightlife’s design is based on road signs that inform about the presence of specific animals living in the area. The original signs have the shape of squares rotated by 45 degrees, while on our dice, we adjusted them to the shape of the dice faces. Digits are very legible and kept in a font similar to the one seen on road signs. In order for these important signs to signal the presence of these animals in the area again, the forests that shelter them need to be restored - and by purchasing this dice set, you are contributing to this cause!

You create new homes for them - they give you the best criticals possible!

  • Big and Small — Each dice represents a different animal living in Australia: an ostrich, a koala, a platypus, a parrot, a penguin, a kangaroo, and a flying squirrel.
  • Attention! Animal! — The design is based on road signs, making them very legible and elegant in their simplicity.
  • Visible from a distance — Yellow engravings on the black background are contrasting and clear.
  • Now you see it — The large and clear digits on the dice faces, and the extra underlines to distinguish 9 from 6, allow you to enjoy each roll and read the result with no sweat!
  • Plant a tree — by purchasing this set, you are contributing to the fundraiser led by the One Tree Planted, aimed for the reforestation of areas devastated by wildfires in Australia!
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