Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy Dice Set (7)

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Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy Dice Set


Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Maybe you believe in secret societies, and evil corporations or plots? For example: maybe Q WORKSHOP want only to persuade all people on Earth that sculpted, posh designed dice are the best? In Starfinder RPG there are mysteries beyond all knowledge too. There is something unseen in that galaxy. It’s them: The Unseen. They are responsible for secret machinations among all races, and they’ve infiltrated all worlds. They, that’s right, THEY manipulate, observe, and subvert to meet their inscrutable goals! They are hidden among all races so be careful whom you trust! This is the mystery of the Starfinder universe. Therefore, we can say for all game heroes: Enemies are among us! We, as the manufacturer of dice with mysterious engravings that are a hidden language of RPG, want to help your heroes in this difficult task. We designed the revealing set that, in capable hands, can do what is needed. These dice are your best choice in the fight with gray or green, twisted masterminds and their sinister plot. Q WORKSHOP and Paizo Inc. are proud to bring you the official Starfinder dice for Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path. Dice are made from the best material. This set is dark gray with yellow paint to mark the digits and rich engravings. On the highest face, there is the symbol of mysterious three triangles that symbolize three layers of space conspiracy! If you want to unravel all the secrets and answer all the questions you need them. You should remember: Truth is out there, this Starfinder Threefold Conspiracy Dice Set is here! The whole universe needs your insight!

Six steps of a conspiracy


The steps on the path to reveal Starfinder conspiracy:

The Chimera Mystery – follow the path of clues in the form of lies, and when somebody dies, answer the question whodunit!

Flight of the Sleepers – the sleepers must awake and try to see the whole picture of betrayal. This is the only way to escape from danger!

Deceivers' Moon – there will be gaps in memory, false dreams, and strange feelings. Reach the moon and uncover the secrets of your character’s memory!

The Hollow Cabal – All masks must fall if you want to find the answer who is who and who you should trust in the sin city among stars!

The Cradle Infestation –  Should we start mind control or mind dissection? – this is the real struggle among enemies of your team. Only finding lost memories can help you survive!

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