Starfinder Signal of Screams Dice Set

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Starfinder Signal of Screams Dice Set

Any good horror movie should have two characteristics: lots of screaming people and an exciting monster as the main antagonist. Both things are checked in the third Paizo's Adventure Path for Starfinder RPG. There will be sinful creatures, an evil scientist who chooses the Dark Side of Reality, and many bystanders whose future doesn't look bright.

Signal of Screams can only be better with these dedicated Q WORKSHOP dice. This set is the ultimate tool for dealing with monsters on vacation in a luxury resort on an asteroid in the Diaspora. We chose noble cobalt blue with white painting in complexly carved engravings. On the highest face of each die are symbols of the main enemy corporation in the game and tiny skulls because this is the first true horror Adventure Path for Starfinder RPG.

Seven dice for seven sins

Let’s scream together and try to win in this unbalanced duel against the unspeakable monster and her minions:

- The Diaspora Strain – Beware of great sales and opportunities! Now, it only sounds peaceful!

- The Penumbra Protocol – There is an old saying: Focus on the journey, not the destination. Not in this case! In this case, be careful when you reach your target.

- The Heart of Night – Even space has its Other Side, and unlucky for you, you get to know every nook and cranny!

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