Starfinder Dawn of Flame Dice Set

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Starfinder Dawn of Flame Dice Set

Here comes the efreeti, bright like the Sun, the unconquered villain on her way to ascension to godhood! Yesterday's troubles of characters might have seemed far away, but in this Adventure Path from Paizo Inc. Dawn of Flame, everything will change. There will be sun-diving, fight on sundown, and a great chance for death in the atomic flames of the sunburst. Yesterday there was a peaceful and quiet universe. Today the GM will drive the team of heroes through a real path of fire.

That's why we made our first fiery dice for Starfinder RPG. We dreamed in Q WORKSHOP about the dice set that looks like it has been "cut out" of blazing plasma with yellow paint glowing like the corona of a star in elaborated engravings. On the highest face, you find a twelve-point double star engraved, a symbol of the Sun that shines above the station in Burning Archipelago. The backgrounds of all digits resemble starship hatches and gates on a space vessel. These dice are durable, and we hope this set will rescue your character from all dangers lurking in the blinding blaze of the Sun.

Light the Fire!

Let’s start a fire as big as a star, with plasma bursts and corona explosions. What would you burn during the whole campaign?

- Fire Starters – a whole orbiting, plying through space giant whale;

- Soldiers of Brass – a gang of alien thieves in the middle of a space bazaar;

- Sun Divers – your whole team of heroes, if they get too brave…

- The Blind City – will you try to burn the secret city built of real plasma?

- Solar Strike – it sounds delicious and deadly alike – great solar dragon;

- Assault on the Crucible – the Grand Finale needs the burning of a witch or a whole team of hags.

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