Starfinder Against the Aeon Throne Dice Set

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Starfinder Against the Aeon Throne Dice Set

The times are changing, and this time the newest Starfinder Adventure Path Against the Aeon Throne is faster, better, and with a bigger bang. So is Starfinder Adventure Path Dice Set from Q WORKSHOP.

It consists of seven master-crafted, complex engraved dice from the best material you've expected. We chose a rocket jet smoky color for the dice and green paint for engravings that resemble a starship's hatches. Green is the color of hope that cannot be lost. Remember the classic saying from some well-known galaxy questors: "Never surrender and don't give up!". We hope this set will be your best friend in the dark void where only stars and lucky rolls can help you find the way. The conflict with the great Azlanti Star Empire is nasty, but this is the time for heroes. Play long and prosper, Dear Friend!

Trilogies are the best!

This time we can tell you more about when and where our master-crafted dice can be used and should give you success in your trek:

- The Reach of Empire – Codename: Guerrillas in the Mist – All is good, but when the evil Empire occupies a friendly neighborhood, firstly, you must liberate the settlement. That's a hero's duty. But nothing can stand in your way when the evil guys kidnap your friend. Azlanti Star Empire will pay!
- Escape from the Prison Moon – Codename: Jailhouse Rock – Sometimes, a heist is not into a bank but into jail. This time, the heroes must stage a daring breakout under the nose of the penal colony's warden and find that helping a friend is only the beginning of problems.
- The Rune Drive Gambit – Codename: Impulse Control – This is the proper heist but from a noble cause. You should have many happy rolls if you want to steal an experimental starship drive from the evil lord of the Azlanti Star Empire. But the life of millions is at stake!

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