Metal Mythical Dice Set

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Metal Mythical Dice Set

There was a time of myths. The actual golden age of all epic stories. All games should make us remember these beautiful tales about brave heroes, monsters, magical artifacts, and journeys beyond the known horizon. One of the mythic age symbols was Daedalus, father of Icarus, the inventor of machines, the goddesses garden's designer, and the builder of the Labyrinth for the Minotaur.

Q WORKSHOP presents the unique Metal Mythical Dice Set. The mythic Daedalus is the patron of this set full of polyhedral metal dice made of tin. We decorated the master-crafted dice with engraved stylized Greek numbers and covered them with small Labyrinths, symbols of Daedalus's masterwork. Each die has sculpted geometric borders on the edges and pentagons in the corners. We supported the heights of crafts in this set to honor the great inventor with the best design.

Better than Legendary!

All in this set is what we can do in dice set making: the best metal, master-crafted design with a hint of genius, elegant box. We hope that Daedalus would be proud of us. This set is Mythic, not only Legendary.
Be a mythic hero. Help mankind fight against evil mythical creatures. Every throw of these beautiful dice will summon unstoppable powers! Every throw can make your character the greatest hero of myths!

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