Dragons Dice Set: Quartz

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Dragons Dice Set: Quartz

You need a dice set that emanates the true power. That increases your prestige by sitting on your shelf alone and even more during the game. Behold! Mighty dragons entwine immersive numbers, mesmerizing with their ferocious beauty. It's a tribute to these majestic beings, smarter and more powerful than you can imagine. What you see here is a greater form of paying respect: the copper engravings against the misty background look like veins in the quartz crystal – a precious stone of primordial nobility that appeals to the dragon's lust for knowledge and wealth at the same time.

The Primordial Crystal

Dragons have a highly inquisitive nature and love stories. This means looking for the causes and consequences of various phenomena. They have a particular affinity for quartz crystals, which can evolve into other gemstones. Dragons have been trying to study the nature of quartz for hundreds of years. They believe it will allow them to understand better the nature of mesmerizing wealth and of their kin.

  • The majesty of dragons — Engravings depict the fan-favorite design of winged dragons circling digits.
  • The might of dragons — The digits are kept in a stylized, old manuscript-like font.
  • The colors of dragons — The dice material is misty, and the engravings’ color is copper.
  • The legends of dragons — This set consists of seven polyhedrons: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and a D00 (percentile).
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