Fortress Dice Case - Brown

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A quiver for your dice! Behold the Fortress Dice Case - Brown, a container from which you draw your dice as fast as arrows. This handy vessel is handcrafted from quality leather, and has a priority mission of defending your Compact Dice Set integrity and accessibility. This wallet showcases a design of a fortress wall embossing on the leather and a kite shield engraved on the clasps.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents the Fortress Dice Case - Brown with three clasps, each enabling independent access to your dice.
  • The color theme of this prop is a brown material and the bronze engraved clasps.
  • This dice pouch is made of quality brown leather and closed with metal clasps on the sides and on the top, all opened independently.
  • The design shows an embossing of a brick wall on the leather, and a kite shield engraved on the clasps.
  • The Fortress Dice Case - Brown is designed and produced in Poland, EU.
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