Crosshairs Dice Case - Brown

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Product description

A quick-draw for your dice! Behold the Crosshairs Dice Case - Brown, a container fit for any ranger. This stylish accessory, crafted from quality leather, is designed to keep your whole Compact Dice Set safe and ready to be used anytime, anywhere. This wallet boasts a striking feature of a cyber skull motif with crosshairs engraved on the metal clasps and embossed on the surface of the leather.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents the Crosshairs Dice Case - Brown with three clasps, each enabling independent access to your dice.
  • The color theme of this prop is a brown material and the bronze engraved clasps.
  • This dice pouch is made of quality brown leather and closed with metal clasps on the sides and on the top, all opened independently.
  • The design shows a skull in crosshairs embossed on the leather and engraved on the clasps.
  • The Crosshairs Dice Case - Brown is designed and produced in Poland, EU.
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