Crosshairs Compact D6: Black&Pearl

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Crosshairs Compact D6: Black & Pearl

Be always prepared to play and give it your best with the Crosshairs Compact D6: Black & Pearl! Here are 20 hexahedrons in a smaller size of only 14mm, divided into 2 groups by the background color. Having them, you can always lend a handful to other players or diversify your rolls!

Versatility makes them a perfect choice for all kinds of games. You can use them for dynamic skirmishes as well as long campaigns in wargames; you can roll for the full blast of spell damage in RPG sessions without searching for additional dice among other players; you can use them both as regular dice and additional markers in board games and card games. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination!

The compact size (14mm) ensures that the dice fit perfectly in your hand, providing complete control during gameplay. Slightly rounded edges guarantee smooth rolls. The dot design instead of digits sets them apart from other dice and makes it easier to count results even for the entire pool. All of this, along with an attractive price, ensures that your gaming experiences will be unforgettable!

These are not just gaming tools but also works of art. Inspired by crosshairs, symbolizing the laser focus you keep your target in sight while going into offensive, their elegant design captivates at first glance. The black and pearl backgrounds with white and red paintings harmoniously blend, creating a dynamic and enchanting color palette that catches the eye and adds charm to your gameplay.

Let these dice become an indispensable part of your collection and accompany you on every battle, encounter, and adventure in the world of games!

Victory in the Crosshairs

Ready for Anything —The set includes 20 D6 dice, divided into groups of 10 dice each, distinguished by background colors.

Strategic Colors —The dice have a black background with white paintings in one group and a pearl background with red paintings in the other.

Tactical Dimensions —The dice measure 14mm, fitting perfectly in the hand. Their edges are more rounded for smoother rolling.

Action Plan —The dice design features an optical crosshair symbol with dots instead of numbers.

Straight from the Base Crosshairs Compact D6 dice are manufactured in Poland, EU.

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