Elvish Cobalt & Silver Dice Set

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Product description

Elvish Cobalt & Silver Dice Set

Here's a dice set for all true fantasy settings admirers! On the one hand, thanks to the sophisticated decorations of elvish runes, it evokes the style of classic adventures and stories we fondly remember. On the other hand, silver paintings on a cobalt background create an image of worlds filled with magic and powerful beings. Perfect for both epic adventures and fairy-tale journeys!

As one of our first designs, Elvish Dice begins the next stage of ruling our offer. Their elegant beauty and dignified engravings are beautifully complemented by a new set of colors. They will be perfect for your collection and during your sessions!

Magic of the Elves

Spell Arsenal — The set includes 7 items: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.

Higher Magic — The background of the dice is cobalt blue, and the paintings are silver.

Elegance in Simplicity — The font of the digits is styled after elvish writing, with gentle wavy tails and accents.

Elvish runes — Besides delicate digits, there are runic inscriptions in the ancient language of the elves on the dice faces.

Permission from the High Council — The Elvish Cobalt Silver Dice Set is manufactured under a license granted to us by the High Council of Sorceresses and Wizards after more than a decade of application consideration.

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