Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar

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Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar

The world as we know it is no more. Yeah, so? Most of the population was wiped out? At least the roads are empty to wheez around! Your greatest asset now is your own car. Do I even need to explain why? If you have a fast ride, you can always be on the move. Do quick supply runs into the ruins. Be a courier in the wilderness. Partake in street racing. Thanks to your four wheels, you can gain fame and glory. And who knows - maybe even run in the Final Race?

The Final Race is more than just fancy cars racing through the streets of a ruined city. It's a wholesome culture created around this recurring event! That’s where the fastest, heavily tuned cars are at a need. Without a good ride, there is no chance of winning; each driver cares about his machine to the best of his or her ability. When it comes to your car, no expense is too excessive, no idea’s too crazy, no sacrifice’s too great. You invest your time, your energy, resources, and your love in this pile of junk and make it to be a dream. When you start it up, you hear the anthem of the upcoming race amidst its steady humming, low growls and sudden roars. And that’s all you need: the Engine Roar, proof of your dedication to the machine and a n intro to your victory in the Final Race.

The Final Race Dice Set: Engine Roar is kept in a color theme that corresponds with its nature. A Red-hot engine and black traces of burnt rubber on the concrete - now that’s awesome! You will see immersive symbols and road signs on these dice, and they will take you into this post-apocalyptic world. Prepare your ride, make the engine sing for you, and just go - you’re racing for the win!

Hear it roar!

When your car is pimped out, its engine is like a wild cat on a leash. You start it up, it purrs obediently for you, growling loudly on the slightest pressure on the accelerator... Then you press the pedal to the floor, and the screeching tires are only a soft whistle compared to the mighty Engine Roar! You let it loose, you barely notice outdated road signs on both sides, you laugh at the speed limit, you pass ravaged gas stations, wrecked cars and skulls of those who lost. And you know what? You will see all of this on the engravings of these dice!

  • Hot Rod — Each dice has different symbols on its faces, and legible digits are in a bold, immersive font.
  • Open road — The engravings on these dice present post-apocalyptic road signs, symbols from a car dashboard, skulls of those who lost the race, and more!
  • Step on it! — The set consists of 7 polyhedral dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 (percentile).
  • Burn rubber — The color theme for this set is a red background with paintings in black color.
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