Steampunk Clockwork: Nautical Apparatus Modern Dice Set

USD 17.00

Available Colors

Product specification

Material Plastic
Dice quantity 7
Dice color Turquoise
Painting color Copper

Product description

Nautical Apparatus Modern Dice Set

If you come across copper elements of complex steam-powered machinery in any of your games, you'll think "Steampunk". If you encounter them in a submarine that is ahead of its time, you will think "Nautilus". If you combine both of these thoughts - it's home sweet home because that's what the Steampunk Clockwork: Nautical Apparatus Modern Dice Set is inspired by. Every inventor living in that world would be damn proud of himself if he could create the machine that not only does not sink but even floats and swims underwater! Of course, for the sake of undetectability to the naked eye, it will be painted turquoise. Of course, it has to look good and work even better as well, so copper ornaments are essential. On top of that, there’s a Modern D4 included, with rounded edges and much more detailed engravings. An interesting combination, if not contradicting itself - but regardless of the intentions, it certainly catches the eye like nothing else.

Steampunk is more than gears, levers, pistons, sophisticated designs, and the splendor of elegant garbs of ladies and gentlemen. Steampunk is Jules Verne's dream come true, a fusion of the sophisticated style of the Victorian era and the vision of the technology's development towards steam engines. A retro-futuristic period that never existed, albeit it should have. These stories are about heroes in technological marvels of brass and bronze, steam-powered machines, and unlimited scientific thought.

That is what Steampunk Clockwork dice are all about. Now in a completely new color theme, with engravings perfectly suited to accompany you on your adventures in a world where you are more than just a grain of sand in the cogwheels of the Destiny Machine.

Trust me, I’m an inventor

If you are a mad scientist, you won't find better dice. If you just like playing as one, you won't find better dice. If you like the Steampunk theme, you won't find better dice. If you like the colors of the ocean and metallic copper... you know what goes next. Thanks to these polyhedrons, you will feel the real call of adventure and ignite a spark of inventive genius, a flair for DIY mastery, and creating incredible machines ... But most of all, you will look at them with real pleasure, and each success you roll will be incomparably more satisfying.

  • A Clockwork precision — beloved design of legible digits adorned with cogs and gears.
  • Full steam — This set contains 7 pieces: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 (%).
  • Invention for a better future — The Modern D4 in this set is of the new design, rounded and rollable (as opposed to traditional pyramid-shaped dice).
  • Into the sea — Dice have turquoise color on the background, with metallic copper painting on the engravings.
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