Runequest - Roleplaying in Glorantha Core Rulebook & Dice Set

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RuneQuest Core Rulebook + Dice Set

Do you know RuneQuest? We can understand if not, but any self-respecting fan of the true classics would not be so generous. RuneQuest is the second RPG system in history to be released on the market. It is over 40 years old and still doing very well! Here's a special, sinister set then: the hardcover RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha Rulebook, plus the awesome RuneQuest Beige & Burgundy Dice Set! This pack contains everything you need to start your journey through the world of Glorantha!

Runes are the basic elements of the Glorantha world because life itself is defined by them. Representing the fundamental powers of the cosmos, these symbols support the existence of the world and strengthen the powers of the gods. They control everything that surrounds people, and even what is beyond their reach - including death. Human fate depends on the will of the gods, but these deities are also bound by the powers of the Runes and often represent them. The real Rune Masters may be the messengers of the gods, may fight on their behalf, but it’s the Runes’ power that fills their minds. These dice are not only a souvenir for one of the oldest RPG systems in history but also a very useful set, universal for all games and made with great care. Now we give them to you to give you real control over the Runes!

All the Runes you desire

This special pack includes the English hardcover RuneQuest Roleplaying in Glorantha Rulebook and the dedicated RuneQuest Beige & burgundy Dice Set developed by Q Workshop. That's all you'll ever need to start your Glorantha adventures!

  • Many Runes, One Power - The rulebook contains all the rules and information needed to play the game.
  • Experience the power of the Runes - The dice are kept in the RuneQuest aesthetic, with a beige background and burgundy paint, decorated with additional Runes.
  • You won't get a better price - This Bundle offers a much better deal than when sold separately!
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