COC Horror on the Orient Express Black & purple Dice Set

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COC Horror on the Orient Express Black & Purple Dice Set

Q WORKSHOP welcomes you aboard the Orient Express. Others can give you coffee and croissant. We give you a chance to take this elegant dice set made with high-quality plastic and put it all vabanque. With our dice, every roll can save your character, and maybe, only maybe, save the world in the epic campaign from Chaosium: Horror on the Orient Express for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Roleplaying Game.

You decide if the number Seven (the number of dice counts in our set) brings you luck. We choose noble black and purple as the main theme for dice with master-crafted engravings. All dice faces recall the ultimate experiences of luxury travels with the legendary train that roams across Europe in the Age of Ladies and Gentlemen, sophisticated Killers too. After you succeed in your journey, you can keep the dice for future adventures. They are worth it.

Experience Horror on the Orient Express yourself

We are proud of our luxury dice set and the chance to present it to you. It was an excellent opportunity to craft such a remarkable game tool, and we hope it can be something more. Our dice are for gamers elite, the old roleplaying games fans. We know the mood, best stories, and characters with deep personalities count for you. When you take our Orient Express Dice in your hand during your journey to Europe in Roaring Twenties, you can experience the insanity, terror, mysteries, and blasphemous power of Elder Ones, all with a deep feeling of the long-lost sophisticated lifestyle with a slight taste of decadence.

You and your dice will travel through the rainy streets of mysterious London, where one man dies not once but three times in a row, through the bloody secrets of Paris, where the old nightmare is still present, Milan with all that music and cursed sounds, Venice, where all dreams are nightmares, to Istambul, where the ancient evil lurks, and the world is on the brink of doom. You make the rolls; you can save us all. You and your dice are the only hope of mankind. Help us win the master set.

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