Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Black & magenta Dice Set

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Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition - Black & magenta Dice Set

It’s time to show you that terror is not always something you can easily describe, point out, or frame in your standardized horror portfolio. We all need to know more, paint the danger in recognizable features, imagine it in front of our eyes, compare it to something, give it a name and purpose, and make it distinguishable yet familiar in some way. It helps us overcome the paralyzing feeling of helplessness in front of the unknown. But what if something can’t be described in a form sufficient for our mind to feel capable of comprehending it?

We at Q WORKSHOP are tirelessly working to create a design that can mesmerize your eyes and softly graze your imagination with a spark of twisted curiosity to dive deeper into the Lovecraftian mythos with the help of the official Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Dice Set. Many designs have seen the light of day since, and this is one of them.

These dice may seem deceptively sweet and fluffy at first glance. Still, the color itself reflects a truly menacing phenomenon - a color out of space. Whoever sees it in full glory begins a tireless journey into overwhelming madness, doubting their own thoughts with not comprehending what is real and what’s just a pure delusion. You are safe while using these dice, dear Investigators. Still, we found it necessary for you to understand the real danger behind the Great Old Ones' mysteries or even the slightest sign of their presence.

The flash of outer space.

Whenever someone notices these dice, they assume it’s just a cute set. You’ll prove them wrong once they’re permitted to see them up close. And then you know their journey is just beginning, while yours already brought you knowledge beyond their comprehension. Guide them through Cthulhu mythos and together find out what lies ahead...

  • Immersion — The Elder markings on the dice faces are mesmerizingly whispering about unimaginable phenomenons waiting for you to uncover them. Be it for knowledge or insanity...
  • Compatibility — These dice are usable with each Call of Cthulhu edition and other games, as the limits are only in your imagination.
  • Legibility — No need to strain your eyes to see the result of your sanity test. It’s always below expectations. But you will see it clearly, nonetheless.
  • Ominosity — Even when you hold the dice in your palm and look at them, they draw you deeper. Are the particles of Color out of Space twitching, or is it just your imagination?
  • Astonishment — Does the magenta color make you wonder if it works with Call of Cthulhu mythos? You don’t need to worry anymore. Its ambiguity brings the horror just a step closer to your imagination...
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