RPG Icons Dice Set: Baniak

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RPG Icons Dice Set: Baniak

Hi, Michal Banka here, tabletop RPGs communicator from Poland! I’m a great fan of all RPG games and it’s an honor for me to be the first Polish RPG Fan that helps design dice in the RPG Icons Dice Collection series. This series is dedicated to all people that are icons in the RPG industry or are famous because their talents as writers, editors, Game Masters or communicators are legendary. They design and develop our beloved games. I’m proud to be among them.

In collaboration with Q WORKSHOP, I present a unique, engraved dice set. Dice are made from the best material, full of complex engravings. The digits and character symbols are made with a style that resembles master crafted classic fantasy design with tiny skulls with elaborated frames, straight from the pages of "medieval grimoires". There are more dice than in typical bundle. This set is composed of nine elements: seven white and black polyhedral dice and two d10s Except for standard seven polyhedrals in this set, there are two more d100s – red and green for challenging tests. On d20’s highest face you can find bloody red “20”, to mark exceptional hit. All dice can be usable in all roleplaying and tabletop games.

Add-ons are always the best!


There are add-ons. This is “something extra” that makes this set an extraordinary and great opportunity for all gamers. It’s an iconic product, so there must be something unique in it. I’m a gamer and I want to make the most useful set for all games that I have mastered in my podcast. In a beautiful box you will find:

  • Two additional d100 dice that will be very useful in all-new tabletop RPG games that use bonus dice and penalty dice or many d100 tests.  

  • There are special currency – chtulars, prep money, that can be used in all adventures as a handout or something lucid and strange that helps players to immerse themselves in the gameplay.

  • In the first two hundred sets, you will also find the special coin in blasphemous design. Flip it when there are decisions to make! Remember: This can be a coin tainted by Cthulhu himself. Never toss the cursed coin to the witch or other Mythos creature!

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