Round Jar of Classic RPG Dice (80)

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Round Jar of Classic RPG Dice (80)

This is our big set of dice and the true flood of polyhedrons. It resembles a real treasure, with beautifully crafted items, dice-jewels, and carved game stones. How big is your dice casket? We'll fill it to the brim. This jar is filled with over 80 standard polyhedral dice of classic designs and colors, of each type. This product consists of the beautiful Durable Dice with Unique Design. All dice in a jar are our bestseller Classic Dice Set in many colors. These are sets with very readable runic digits, the first time in the history of Q WORKSHOP.  In all jars, there is one surprise set hidden on the bottom of the container. You can find any of our bestsellers or limited sets from our whole product range.

All these dice are masterly crafted and complexly engraved, made from the best material, that is waterproof and sophisticated with long service life. These dice are usable in all tabletop RPGs, board games, and card games and are a solution to a dice shortage. Waiting for your turn and dice to throw creates longueurs in the plot and spoils the fun. There is enough dice for all purposes, even as tokens or life counters. This is a perfect product for all the gamers, even collectors, and retailers!

One jar to bring them all around the game table

There is never enough dice. With this container, you and all other players can feel like in the land of plenty, where all rangers, warriors, mages, and thieves have their own dice. You will never need to borrow dice from somebody, never again anybody will be taking your lucky set or set that makes a statement: “These are dwarven dice, beware nasty elf!” or “my set is the prettiest in the world, like my bard”. It’s yours and your team’s decision, what you will make with so many dice in so many colors and kinds. You always should roll this big, because you choose our bigger set. 

This jar can be a storage container for dice too, so after the game, it will be easy to clean the table, what is important at events or in schools, or in RPGs fan clubs. 

CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for Children under 3 years old.

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