Pathfinder Dice Cup Bundle

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Product specification

Material Leather, Plastic
Height 8.5 cm (3.34")
Dice color Blue
Painting color White
Primary color Brown
Secondary color Golden
Diameter 5.5 cm (2.16")

Product description

Pathfinder Dice Cup Bundle


Dice in dice cup are shock-proof and really safe like in heavy armor that can stand against all dangers. It’s a great choice for all gamers to protect their treasures. The set contains an astonishing set of Pathfinder Hell's Rebels Dice Set, licensed officially by Paizo inc., elaborated and magnificent in design and a dice cup, sturdy like dragonhide, beautiful like a dragon in flight and enchanting like a magic item from dragon hoard. All in this set is available for all, veterans and beginners alike. It can be a great start for new gamers or life achievement for seasoned players.

The products you find in this bundle are tested as lucky charms. We are quite sure that roll of this set with the help of a dice cup, without shaming and bad feelings, will be always positive. Sooner or later, because this cup enchants dice with the power of critical rolls. Safe from all dangers, the dice are vibrating with positive energy. This synergy can make everything possible, in all tabletop RPGs on the world. We have a secret certificate from Wonderseekers that all stories made with this set will be unforgettable, sometimes happy, sometimes tragic but really thrilling. So use this bundle as a combined game tool that can make your character a real hero. Roll with bravery and storage your sets without any stress that precious polyhedrals are damaged by anything on the world, except dragon fire of course.

Dragon Rebels from Hell


The first item in the bundle is Pathfinder Hell's Rebels Dice Set — the Mutineer's dice. This name is the best description of our product. This set is dedicated to Paizo's Inc. Pathfinder Adventure Path Hell's Rebels and for us, it was the opportunity to make the first-time dice for the strictly unblemished heroes. We made noble blue dice with white painting in deeply-carved ornaments that, like a pure soul, can survive nearly everything. On the highest face, we engraved the Silver Raven, the sigil of the secret do-gooder's organization. Each of these 7 revolutionary dice bears designs suggestive of noble inspirations and true liberty! This set is indisputably Magnificent.

The dice are supported with Flying Dragon brown & gold Leather Dice Cup. This unusual cup has been hand-crafted from the thick shed hide from a unique dragon. This magnificent monster is shown in flight on one side of the cup and on the lid. All these depictions are not simply painted, but embossed with gold that lasts years. The creatures‘ natural resistance to magic carries to the item, so magic practitioners are sure to find many uses for it. This is the hand-made durable armor for your dice. 

Remeber that the cup you receive might vary slightly in dimensions, colors and leather thickness due to the nature of the product being 100% handmade from real leather.

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