Book of Dice - Elvish Stories

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Product specification

Weight (kg) 0.35
Material wood & plywood
Dimensions 21 x 17 x 4,5 cm (8.2” x 6.7” x 1.7”)
Dice color Frosty & green / Misty & pink
Primary color White

Product description

The Book of Dice: more than a chest!

  • This Book of Dice comes with 2 full Elvish Dice Sets in color themes never seen before. Scroll down to read their descriptions!
  • The general dimensions are 210mm in length, 170mm in width, and 45mm in height (respectively, app 8.2” / 6.7” / 1.7”)
  • This container has three intersecting wooden walls inside, dividing it into six smaller compartments, each capable of storing a full set of regular dice.
  • This is a box made of wood and plywood, with metal hinges.
  • The surface is handpainted to white color, making the carvings very distinguishable.
  • The Book of Dice you receive might slightly vary from the pictures due to the studio lighting and your screen settings. The products may vary between themselves as well, due to natural materials used and handwork process.

Book of Dice - Elvish Stories

Elvish magic was, is, and always will be incredibly powerful, capable of creating amazing wonders and insatiable beauty. Sages, enchanters, wizards, and sorcerers gathered under the Great Oak and combined their powers to bring forth an artifact, which single existence thwarts the blasphemous influence of Chaos. The Elves give you an interdimensional apparatus made to bring Order to your life and hid it in an inconspicuous form which you can see before you.

One of the great powers coming from Elvish magic is creating a small interdimensional space, accessible only by a few chosen ones by using an artifact prepared specifically to link our world with the outer planes of existence. That kind of artifact seems to be something quite ordinary by the first impression, but don’t let it fool you! It’s much more than only a mundane object - it’s made this way to misguide any unwelcomed trespassers. After all, who would imagine that a thick book of Elvish Tales can be something truly amazing in reality?

Inside this book, you will find a pocket plane, arranged carefully with special shielding magic, so the variations of interdimensional energies won’t hurt your mortal eyes. It is an attempt to bring Order to the realm of Chaos - Elves are more than aware of the state your dice often ends in. With a few simple gestures, you’re capable of organizing your hoard any way you want, and take much more pleasure in sating your eyes or accessing the dice when need be.

Sublime Elvish engravings cover the hardcover of this book. From each point of view, you can see finely crafted details, making it look worthily and estimable, just as Elvish book should be. The symbols are not painted - they are genuinely carved into the wooden surface. It’s all you need to make your hoard be safe and ready to use… or simply to be admired.

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Q Workshop - all dice tell a story

Here’s something about the treasures you get with your Book of Dice:

Along with this chest, you receive 2 brand new Elvish Dice Sets in astonishing, never seen before color themes. They are NOT sold separately - available exclusively with this Book of Dice! Let’s give them a small blurb:


Elvish Misty & pink Dice Set - „arinya hísië” - is a symbol of an early sun lighting up the mist rising from the green grass in the woods of Lothlorien. The air nearly loses its transparency, but brings no fear - even the cold morning feels warmer when such beauty surrounds us. We’ve put complex engravings on their faces, colored it pink as the sun at dawn. After each night comes the new day, and it starts with beauty made flesh.

Elvish Frosty & green Dice Set - „niquis laica” - represents a victory of life over death, the triumph of warmth over cold, as the green vines continue to grow even on a frost-covered glass. In the same manner, the unified forces of Middle Earth defeated the armies of the Great Adversary long ago... And so our dice have a background of shiny frost-patterns on a glass, with ornaments in a deep green color.

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