Dogs Dice Set: Charlie

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DOGS Dice Set: Charlie

The DOGS Dice Set: Charlie exudes refined gentleness, tranquility, and loyalty, which are more precious than gold. Man's best friends are invaluable playmates, but they can also be the most beautiful adornment on a stylish couch! Golden embellishments on a white background mixed with glittering dust symbolize the bond between dogs resembling sophisticated couch potatoes and their devoted human companions.

Each dice in the set showcases adorable dogs in different poses on the highest faces, bringing a playful and lively spirit to your game sessions. But it doesn't stop there! Alongside the digits, you'll find images of tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints, making these dice the perfect companions for any dog lover.

Experience the excitement of rolling these unique dice, celebrate the bond between humans and dogs, and take a worthy pose to show that the adversities don't deserve your attention!Get your paws on the DOGS Dice Set: Charlie and embark on unforgettable adventures with your favorite four-legged companions!

A Distinguished Bark

Loads of fun — The set includes 7 items: a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, a D100, and a Modern D4.

A howling pup — The color theme is a white background mixed with glitter dust and gold paintings.

Doggies at it — The highest faces show dogs in various poses, different for each dice.

Favorite toys — Apart from makeshift-looking digits, there are tennis balls, chew bones, sticks, old shoes, and paw prints on the dice faces.

The waggling license — the DOGS Dice Set was created under the license granted to us by a temporarily unspecified company, as an adorable puppy chewed the only copy of the legal documents.

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