Dogs Dice Pawch

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Product description

Give your doggos dice a blanket!

Here’s a very special Dogs Dice Pawch, a perfect home for your polyhedrons dedicated to our canine friends – and any other you wish! The print of the adorable heart-shaped drawing adorns the front of the pouch, and it has a twist you’d expect: a paw print from a doggo running around! This handcrafted cotton prop is spacious enough to hold even 63 dice!

  • Q WORKSHOP presents the Dogs Dice Pawch for all admirers of our canine friends.
  • The color theme of this prop is a black background and a white print.
  • This dice pouch is made of sturdy cotton and closed with satin strings, holding up to 9 sets (63 dice).
  • The design shows a heart-shaped drawing with a dog paw print on the side.
  • The Dogs Dice Pawch is designed and produced in Poland, EU.

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