Valentine’s Day Dice Set

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Product description

Valentine’s Day Dice Set

Romance is alive and well – our Valentine's Day RPG Dice Set is proof of that! Immerse yourself in the intensely emotional world of games, holding in your hands the dice patronized by Cupid.

Here's an extraordinary set of EIGHT intricately adorned polyhedrons. Each side of the dice is soaked in an atmosphere of love, and their design exudes elegance and subtlety. Clear digits are surrounded by patterns of flowers and hearts, while the highest faces are adorned with the figure of Cupid, who unerringly sends arrows from his bow straight to the hearts ready for love... or, with the sound of the trumpet, proclaims the victory of passion!

All of this is beautifully enhanced by the color scheme of the set; the shimmering-red material with white engravings intertwines with the shimmering-white and red on the additional D6. Yes, this set has eight dice, as it includes two D6s, like two sides of a mirror, two forces creating love, and the attracting opposites. When you roll a hard eight with them, you'll hear bells – do they herald a grand ceremony or a joint journey toward many adventures? This set is not just a gaming tool; it's a feeling, magic, a story you write with every roll.

The Power of a Heart

Dice full of Love – We created the Valentine’s Day Dice Set for all those who love and are loved!

Abundance of Love– The set contains 8 pieces: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, and an additional D6 with reversed colors.

Colors of Love – The background of the dice is shimmering-red (mixed with glitter dust) while the engravings are white. On the additional D6, the material is shimmering-white (with glitter, too) and the paintings are red.

Symbols of Love – The dice are adorned with flower and heart motifs, and the highest dances present Cupid in various poses.

Country of Love – Valentine's Day Dice Set is produced with love and passion in Poland, EU.

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