Valentine’s Day Dice Bag

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Product description

Valentine's Day Dice Bag 

Keep the loved ones safe! Your dice need to be admired and protected... And so, we've drawn inspiration from the annual celebration of love and created the Valentine's Day Dice Bag! It's made from top-quality cotton in vivid red color and closed with durable strings, with the front adorned by a white print of intertwined hearts surrounded by joyous Cupids. For the love of dice and people!

  • Q WORKSHOP presents the Valentine’s Day Dice Bag, a dice storage with a love theme.
  • The color theme of this dice bag is a vivid red material (cotton), with white closing strings and white print on the front.
  • The print shows 2 intertwined hearts surrounded by Cupid silhouettes.
  • This dice bag can store up to 40 dice of standard size.
  • The Valentine's Day Dice Bag is produced in Poland, EU.
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