Harry Potter. Gryffindor Dice & Pouch

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Product specification

Dice material Plastic
Dice quantity 5
Dice color Red
Dice painting color Gold
Pouch material Cotton fabric
Cotton weight ~200 g / m²
Pouch primary color Red
Pouch secondary color Multicolor
Pouch height ~16.5 cm / ~6.5 inches
Pouch width ~12.3 cm / ~4.84 inches
Pouch capacity up to ~63 dice

Product description

Harry Potter. Gryffindor Dice & Pouch

Experience the magic of the Wizarding World with Q WORKSHOP, proudly presenting a Dice Set and a Pouch dedicated to Gryffindor. The dice design is filled with symbols and details related to the house associated with courage. The glitter dust in dice material makes the red and gold colors mesmerizing. The Pouch is red with a colorful print of Gryffindor's crest on the front.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents Harry Potter. Gryffindor Dice & Pouch.
  • FULL SET: This set consists of 5 x D6 dice and a printed Dice Pouch.
  • MESMERIZING COLORS: the color variation is a shimmering red background - mixed with glitter dust - and golden engravings.  
  • INTRICATE DESIGN: frames around the digits on each dice is full of details referencing house Gryffindor and the Harry Potter series.
  • COTTON DICE POUCH: The pouch is made of 200g cotton in red color, with a Gryffindor’s crest printed on the front.


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