Harry Potter. Hogwarts Dice Cup

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Product description

Harry Potter. Hogwarts Dice Cup

Discover the magic of the Wizarding World with Q WORKSHOP, proudly presenting Harry Potter. Hogwarts Dice Cup. Made of black leather and sewn with durable strings, it will provide a safe space for up to 21 of your dice. The famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is depicted on the cup’s body with a colored print of Hogwarts castle during the fool moon night, and its crest adorns the cup’s lid.

  • Q WORKSHOP presents Harry Potter. Hogwarts Dice Cup.
  • DICE CUP: this prop is a dice cup consisting a body and a lid, safely containing up to 21 polyhedral dice of standard size.
  • VIVID COLORS: the color variation for this dice cup is a black background and full-color prints.
  • REAL LEATHER: this dice cup is made of real leather, sewn together with durable cotton strings.
  • INTRICATE DESIGN: the cup’s body is adorned with a print of Hogwarts castle in the nighttime, while the lid presents the Hogwarts crest.

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